A Masterpiece, By Bre Mason


As artists, perhaps the greatest obstacle we face is the ability to clearly express on paper, on film, on canvas, or on stage what it is that we have so distinctly envisioned and experienced in our hearts.

It is in this gap that we wrestle....we question....

It is in this gap where we often get frustrated and sometimes stop the process of creating altogether. AND we blame ourselves. We blame others.

We blame God. Worst of all...

We believe the lie that maybe we aren't even artists at all. And yet IF we push through, perhaps it is in this same gap where we discover who we are. Who God is. What we are capable of.

A true masterpiece, then is not a best selling book, a performance that sells out, or a multi-million dollar film but...

a piece of work that fully expresses, down to every depth and detail, exactly what it was that your heart was saying, seeing, and feeling as you were creating it.

And if God says that I am His masterpiece, and that before I was born he had a plan for me, a purpose for me, a vision of exactly what I would look like and act like and be like, then that means  He loves me as I am, not because of anything I have done, but because I came out exactly as He had envisioned. 

Down to every last detail, I am exactly what He wanted to say.

And if I came out exactly as He envisioned, then I am exactly as I should be. And if I am as I should be, then I am free.

I am free to be me!


Written by: Bre Mason, Photographed by: Annette Biggers

Model: Leonie Fix