Collaboration is Key to Our Success

Because God is a family himself (the Trinity) and refuses to operate separately from one of his members... 


I believe that one of the keys to true success is in covenant relationships with others. God is glorified most when people gather and love well.


Individually we can do good things, but with a team we do the extravagant and impossible. It's only in relationship with others that it's made possible to provoke others to jealousy in a way that moves them toward the true God; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 


Photographed on the Raven film set.

Photographed on the Raven film set.


We get superficial success when we go it alone. This is why it is important to find your tribe and go do something together! God is glorified and He is among them in ways that are visible to onlookers; provoking to jealousy, fanning into flame hearts, and creating hunger for more of God. 


THIS is what all of creation is longing to see. For when it sees Him it will be like Him. We are His only incarnate/word made flesh representation on earth. And by His spirit living in us we can be His face and hands and heart.


In a day when everything seems scattered and divided we have the best opportunity in front of us. To show them the real God.


Praying for you friends, that you'll find your tribe and run together to create change wherever you go.



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