Freedom Produces Freedom

God made freedom so easy and yet it can seem like a lifetime to find it.


My friend told me this testimony. Her son had seemed to grow cold towards God for several years. He wasn't acting like the passionate and strong person she always knew him to be. When he was young he'd kindly remind her that she needed to have faith. She told me stories of miracles this boy had both experienced and been a part of releasing. The stories of his faith had me mesmerized. 


Bethel Dance_0003sm2.jpg

Sunday night at church he leaned over to his mother and said, "I have just been released from an oppressive chain placed on me by a person in my past." It was only a revelation of God that could give him the words to describe it that way. He could see it plainly. He could verbalize it and move away with ease. He said that it was keeping him from expressing worship and praise freely and uninhibited.


Later he told her that it was when he saw the dancer on Bethel's stage and how freely she moved which broke the "invisible chain."


That dancer came and sat with me during the sermon and afterwards a man came up to her and told her a similar thing. He thanked her for ministering in this way, that it was more appreciated than he could put to words.


Today, as I was thinking about these two testimonies God asked me, "What if she hadn't gone after her assignment with such boldness? What if she allowed her heart's conviction to die under the fear of man or the opinions of the religious?" 


We've had a few centuries of great preaching on freedom. For which I am grateful. Have we considered though how powerful it is to see freedom? 


The Bible teaches that what we behold we become; that when Christ appears, we will be like Him, for we will see Him as He is.


Wouldn't it be such a privilege to show the world what freedom, purity, love, and heaven looks like?  The word of God was always meant to bring physical manifestation. 


If you struggle with breaking into freedom or you've been in a lifelong battle that you can't seem to get victory over, it may be time to turn off sympathetic voices and find someone who has conquered a similar battle. Let them show you what freedom looks like. Perhaps they are the door God created for you to enter into the throne room. Surrender and let Him fight your battle by showing you Himself. 


1 John 3:2, Psalm 17:15, John 17:24, Romans 8:19, 1 Cor 1:7, Hebrews 12:1, 1 Cor. 9:24


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