A Masterpiece, By Bre Mason


As artists, perhaps the greatest obstacle we face is the ability to clearly express on paper, on film, on canvas, or on stage what it is that we have so distinctly envisioned and experienced in our hearts.

It is in this gap that we wrestle....we question....

It is in this gap where we often get frustrated and sometimes stop the process of creating altogether. AND we blame ourselves. We blame others.

We blame God. Worst of all...

We believe the lie that maybe we aren't even artists at all. And yet IF we push through, perhaps it is in this same gap where we discover who we are. Who God is. What we are capable of.

A true masterpiece, then is not a best selling book, a performance that sells out, or a multi-million dollar film but...

a piece of work that fully expresses, down to every depth and detail, exactly what it was that your heart was saying, seeing, and feeling as you were creating it.

And if God says that I am His masterpiece, and that before I was born he had a plan for me, a purpose for me, a vision of exactly what I would look like and act like and be like, then that means  He loves me as I am, not because of anything I have done, but because I came out exactly as He had envisioned. 

Down to every last detail, I am exactly what He wanted to say.

And if I came out exactly as He envisioned, then I am exactly as I should be. And if I am as I should be, then I am free.

I am free to be me!


Written by: Bre Mason, Photographed by: Annette Biggers

Model: Leonie Fix


Freedom Produces Freedom

God made freedom so easy and yet it can seem like a lifetime to find it.


My friend told me this testimony. Her son had seemed to grow cold towards God for several years. He wasn't acting like the passionate and strong person she always knew him to be. When he was young he'd kindly remind her that she needed to have faith. She told me stories of miracles this boy had both experienced and been a part of releasing. The stories of his faith had me mesmerized. 


Bethel Dance_0003sm2.jpg

Sunday night at church he leaned over to his mother and said, "I have just been released from an oppressive chain placed on me by a person in my past." It was only a revelation of God that could give him the words to describe it that way. He could see it plainly. He could verbalize it and move away with ease. He said that it was keeping him from expressing worship and praise freely and uninhibited.


Later he told her that it was when he saw the dancer on Bethel's stage and how freely she moved which broke the "invisible chain."


That dancer came and sat with me during the sermon and afterwards a man came up to her and told her a similar thing. He thanked her for ministering in this way, that it was more appreciated than he could put to words.


Today, as I was thinking about these two testimonies God asked me, "What if she hadn't gone after her assignment with such boldness? What if she allowed her heart's conviction to die under the fear of man or the opinions of the religious?" 


We've had a few centuries of great preaching on freedom. For which I am grateful. Have we considered though how powerful it is to see freedom? 


The Bible teaches that what we behold we become; that when Christ appears, we will be like Him, for we will see Him as He is.


Wouldn't it be such a privilege to show the world what freedom, purity, love, and heaven looks like?  The word of God was always meant to bring physical manifestation. 


If you struggle with breaking into freedom or you've been in a lifelong battle that you can't seem to get victory over, it may be time to turn off sympathetic voices and find someone who has conquered a similar battle. Let them show you what freedom looks like. Perhaps they are the door God created for you to enter into the throne room. Surrender and let Him fight your battle by showing you Himself. 


1 John 3:2, Psalm 17:15, John 17:24, Romans 8:19, 1 Cor 1:7, Hebrews 12:1, 1 Cor. 9:24


If you'd like a reminder of His ordained freedom wanting to manifest in your life uniquely and powerfully, you can purchase one of these images for your wall or desk. The dancer in this image is Katrina Bowerman. She will receive an agreed percentage of the sale of these images. Thank you for supporting the arts! We appreciate you so much. 

Collaboration is Key to Our Success

Because God is a family himself (the Trinity) and refuses to operate separately from one of his members... 


I believe that one of the keys to true success is in covenant relationships with others. God is glorified most when people gather and love well.


Individually we can do good things, but with a team we do the extravagant and impossible. It's only in relationship with others that it's made possible to provoke others to jealousy in a way that moves them toward the true God; Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 


Photographed on the Raven film set.

Photographed on the Raven film set.


We get superficial success when we go it alone. This is why it is important to find your tribe and go do something together! God is glorified and He is among them in ways that are visible to onlookers; provoking to jealousy, fanning into flame hearts, and creating hunger for more of God. 


THIS is what all of creation is longing to see. For when it sees Him it will be like Him. We are His only incarnate/word made flesh representation on earth. And by His spirit living in us we can be His face and hands and heart.


In a day when everything seems scattered and divided we have the best opportunity in front of us. To show them the real God.


Praying for you friends, that you'll find your tribe and run together to create change wherever you go.



If you'd like a reminder of the importance of collaboration and finding your tribe, you can purchase the image above for your desk or wall at our store. Some of the proceeds will go directly to Inovia Dance where they celebrate God's design of family and creativity. 

Broken Hearts Healed Through Creative Ideas

My friend Ginger owns a horse ranch called Exodus Farms. She and her husband came up with the brilliant idea of sharing unwanted horses with foster children. Every week foster kids come to take care of, fall in love with, and ride on the backs of horses who were rescued by Ginger and Bob Salido in Redding, CA.

I volunteer every week and have grown fond of each of the horses and kids. Each day at the farm I see a new way that God works his creative love into the hearts of both the horse and child. It is truly effective and expands my own heart's capacity to receive more and release more. Healing happens. Wholeness emerges. Joy actualizes. 

This ministry is my very favorite on the planet. Please be inspired friends. Go check out their website at http://www.exodusfarms.org

"There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse." ~Missy Lyons      I do love seeing how God uses these mighty creatures to rescue the broken over at Exodus Farms. There's a voice and confirmation of nobility when a child sits upon such physical strength. It makes their dream of being loved by a King seem more reachable.

"There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse." ~Missy Lyons 


I do love seeing how God uses these mighty creatures to rescue the broken over at Exodus Farms. There's a voice and confirmation of nobility when a child sits upon such physical strength. It makes their dream of being loved by a King seem more reachable.

With love, Annette


If you're inspired by this image and would like to have it on your desk or a beautiful canvas on the wall you may purchase it at our store. The model, Olivia Adams is a horse trainer in Orange County, CA. She will receive an agreed percentage of every sale. Thank you so much for supporting fellow creatives! We are so honored by you and them.